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23rd Feb 2024

Special Edition : A Conversation with “Big Walt” Keith Tkachuk

Neil Smith and Vic Morren, welcomes Keith Tkachuk, a former NHL player and father of current players Matthew and Brady Tkachuk. This Special Edition discusses the Florida Panthers' successful season, their physical and fast-paced playing style, and their strong team chemistry. Keith shares his thoughts on why the Panthers are performing well and credits their general manager, Bill Zito, for building a competitive team.

The conversation also touches on Matthew Tkachuk's trade to the Panthers and his impact on the team. Keith talks about the challenges his son Brady faces as a young captain in Ottawa and the turmoil within the Senators organization. He offers advice based on his own experiences, emphasizing the importance of focusing on what can be controlled on the ice.

Keith reflects on his own career, including his time with the Winnipeg Jets and the transition to the Phoenix Coyotes. He expresses his hope for the Coyotes' future in Arizona and shares his thoughts on the viability of the franchise in the state.


  • [01:16] How Keith got his name “Walt”
  • [01:48] Keith Tkchuk talks about the Florida Panthers' successful season, their physical and fast-paced playing style, and their strong team chemistry 
  • [05:24] Physical Play and Team Identity 
  • [06:57] Matthew Tkachuk's Trade 
  • [08:30] Insights on his son  Brady Tkachuk's  role as a young captain in the NHL and the difficulties he faces
  • [11:06] Challenges faced by the Ottawa Senators and the need for the team to mature
  • [15:36] Arizona Coyotes' Viability
  • [17:30] Final Days of Winnipeg Jets 



  • Matthew Tkachuk was traded to the Florida Panthers, and according to Keith Tkachuk, Matthew played a role in dictating the trade. Matthew believed that joining the Panthers, with a core of players around his age, provided the best opportunity for success. The trade was influenced by Matthew's desire to play alongside players like Barkov, Reinhardt, Bennett, and others.
  • The Florida Panthers had a remarkable playoff run the previous season, eliminating strong teams like Boston and Toronto. Keith Tkachuk attributes the team's success to their identity, playing a heavy, fast style that involves physical play. He mentions that the team's mentality and unity contribute to their winning streak and current standing at the top of the Eastern Conference.
  • Keith Tkachuk discusses the challenges faced by his other son, Brady Tkachuk, who plays for the Ottawa Senators. The team has undergone significant changes, including new ownership, management, and coaching staff. Brady, as a young captain, has faced adversity, but Keith emphasizes the importance of focusing on what can be controlled on the ice and learning from the experience.
  • Keith Tkachuk expresses his optimism about the viability of the Arizona Coyotes as a franchise. He acknowledges the challenges faced by the team, including issues related to the arena and ownership. However, he believes that with the right plan, commitment, and a new arena in the right location, the franchise could succeed. He suggests that Gary Bettman's involvement indicates that there may be a plan in place for the team's future.


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Keith Tkachuk, a left winger, grew up in Malden, Massachusetts, playing in high school for Malden Catholic, before playing one year of college hockey at Boston University. Tkachuk played for the US at the World Junior Championships in 1991, his first of many international appearances for the US, including the 1992 World Juniors, the 1997 and 2005 World Cups, and four Winter Olympics – 1992, 1998, 2002, and 2006. Tkachuk was drafted by the Winnipeg Jets in the first round of the 1990 NHL draft, and has played in the NHL since 1990. He started out with the Jets, and also played for several years with the St. Louis Blues, and Phoenix Coyotes, with one brief stint with the Atlanta Thrashers. Tkachuk has played in five NHL All-Star Games, and in 1995 and 1998, was named to the NHL All-Star second team. He led the NHL with 52 goals in the 1996-97 season, and also had 50 goals in 1995-96. In 2008 he became only the fourth American-born NHL player to tally 500 goals, and in November 2008, became the sixth US-born player to score 1,000 points.

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